I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product, I have found freedom in wearing La Capelette® when I air dry my curly hair. I would use a clip to keep the towel from falling off my shoulders, it would ride up and scratch my chin, not to mention the tension on my shoulders. Wow what a difference!
Solo A., East Patchogue, NY

I have to tell you I love the colors of your product, I brought the rich mocha for when I have to color my hair but I hang the light teal in my bathroom for everyday use. I even got the pale rose for my daughter. I no longer have to change her clothes every time her hair gets it wet. Less laundry for me, yeah!
Patty J., Valley Stream, NY

Our daughters all have different hair length and La Capelette® has made our life much easier. They all have one thing in common, they never liked having a towel on their shoulders as I combed their wet hair, they would always complain. Now no more fuss, thank you! I am getting the brown for myself. Thanks for saving my sanity!!
Tanya A., Demarest, NJ

I have been waiting for this product all my life !!!! La Capelette® has made my life and hair so much less work. I even take it with me to my salon, I no longer have to worry about my clothes getting stained or wet when they wash or dye my hair. The salon towels are only a little bigger than a wash cloth. I definitely would recommend these salons carry your product.
Dawn S., Bayside, NY

La Capelette® is 100% worth it!!!!! I use it for everything, blow drying, when I apply makeup, even when I have to spray my hair. I am amazed how no one thought of this sooner, this is definitely a product I can't live without.
Catherine H., Rego Park, NY

Love it, this has made it so much easier to put rollers in my hair. It is so comfortable that I forgot I even had it on at the dinner table one night until I got some dressing on it. Think I'll wear it to my next art class, don't judge... It's easy to pack. Thank you!
Elicia A., Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

After using La Capelette® the first time I could not wait to tell my girlfriends. It just made my gift shopping list easy. Love the colors, ease of use and happy I could just throw it in the wash. Can't wait to see what other products are coming down the pipeline! I am a customer for life!
Melissa J., Charlotte, NC

I live in Florida and the last thing I want to do it to cover myself with towel while I try to style my hair or wait for it to dry, it's just too hot. La Capelette® has been a life saver, it absorbs the water and I am comfortable regardless of what I want to do with my hair, and I do it all. Thank you from this fashionista!!
Tiffany B., Miami, FL

I live in a dorm and space is limited, I love using La Capelette® when I come out of the bath and not have to worry about being wet. It does not take up much space, does not fall off the door hook or off my shoulders like my old hair towel did plus it dries quickly. I love the light teal color too, I plan on getting the pale rose for my room mate. Thank you for a great product.
Samantha B., Buffalo, NY

Quite frankly I hate those nylon velcro capes, I have burnt myself with relaxers just because I don't want to wear one. Then came La Capelette®, I was not hot, it did not feel uncomfortable, nothing was scratching my neck or pulling pieces of my hair, it was not flapping around. I am so unbelievably happy with La Capelette and I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Elizabeth S., Brooklyn NY

I do a lot of things with my hair myself and some of the capes on the market seem to hinder me as I try to apply any type of chemical product my hair. They are too long or short in certain places, they cumbersome and they don't fit right. It just felt like it was like a fight that is until... La Capelette®, now I can breathe and say ahhhh. I finally found my Zen moment dealing with my hair. Finally someone figured out what women need. THANK YOU!!
Emma A., Englewood, NJ

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